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~ English-Zone.Com Phrasal Verbs Dictionary ~

Phrasal Verb: * Meaning: Example:
HAND IN s to submit work you have done Harold handed his report in. His boss really liked it.
HAND OUT s to distribute Harold's boss handed some award out. Harold got one.
HANG AROUND n to have fun while wasting time The local kids like to hang around the mall.
HANG ON n to wait; to wait on the telephone Please hang on for a minute. I need to find a pen.
HANG OUT n to have fun while wasting time The local kids like to hang out at the mall.
HANG UP s to end a phone conversation My ex-husband hung up when I phoned him.
HANG UP s to put away your clothes on a hanger Please hang your shirts up before they get wrinkled.
HOLD BACK s to restrain That man was so rude! I had to hold myself back from hitting him!
HOLD DOWN s to keep a job Jeremy just can't seem to hold a job down.
HOLD ON n to wait Hold on a minute! I need to tie my shoe.
HOLD UP s to raise; lift to a higher-than-normal position Hold your arm up so I can fix this sleeve.
HOLD UP s to delay; to cause a delay The traffic was so bad that it held me up for 2 hours.
HOLD UP s to rob; to steal In New York, many people get held up every day. 
HURRY UP s to go faster, to rush We need to hurry up and leave or we'll be late! 
n = non separable
s = separable