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~ English-Zone.Com Phrasal Verbs Dictionary ~

Phrasal Verb: * Meaning: Example:
FACE UP TO n to admit to; take responsibility for You need to face up to the truth. You are not doing a good job.
FALL DOWN n to fall to the floor or ground Betty fell down and hurt her arm.
FALL THROUGH n to not happen (Used for events that were planned but did not happen.) Our plans to go to the beach fell through because Sally couldn't go.
FEEL UP TO n to feel strong enough or comfortable enough to do something Is your cold better now? Do you feel up to going to work today?
FIGHT OFF s to keep something or someone away I'm trying to fight a cold off. 
Sara fought off her attackers.
FIGURE OUT s to logically find the answer to a problem; solve a problem by thinking about it carefully Did you figure that math problem out yet?
FIGURE OUT s to understand why someone behaves a certain way I just can't figure out why President Clinton did that! What a stupid thing to do!
FILL IN s to add missing details It's not a good idea to fill your email address in on forms over the internet.
FILL IN s to supply information that someone doesn't know What happened at the meeting? Can you fill me in please?
FILL IN FOR n to temporarily do someone else's work; temporarily substitute for another person The secretary filled in for his boss at the conference.
FILL OUT s to complete information on a form or application My brother filled a loan application out. He wants to buy a house.
FILL OUT n to gain weight and look healthy Arnold used to be a very small boy, but now he's really filled out. He's got muscles everywhere!
FILL UP s to fill completely You may borrow my car, but please fill up the gas tank before you return it.
FIND OUT s to learn about something;get information; discover information Can you find out where I need to go please?
FIT IN n to get along with others in a group; be part of a group Amy has few friends. She doesn't really fit in with her classmates. It's a sad situation.
FOOL AROUND n to have fun while wasting time We fooled around at Jack's house.
n = non separable
s = separable