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~ English-Zone.Com Phrasal Verbs Dictionary ~

Phrasal Verb: * Meaning: Example:
EAT OUT n to go out and eat; have a meal in a restaurant Let's eat out at the Hard Rock Cafe.
EAT UP s to finish a meal; to eat all of something The boys ate all of the food in the refrigerator up! Now we have nothing to eat.
EGG ON s to encourage someone greatly to do something (usually something negative) At first the guys were just having a small argument, but their friends egged them on until they started fighting.
END UP n to finally arrive at; to arrive at an unexpected place At first we got totally lost, but we finally ended up at the right restaurant.
END UP n to arrive somewhere as a result or consequence of one's actions If you don't stop stealing, you'll end up in jail!
EVEN OUT s to make something equal After my sister cut her hair by herself, we had to take her to a hairdresser to even her hair out!
n = non separable
s = separable