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IDIOM: to pass away
MEANING: to die
EXAMPLE: "My uncle passed away in October."

IDIOM: to pay (one) a visit
MEANING: to visit (one)
EXAMPLE: "I think I'll pay Marian a visit. I haven't seen her for a couple of months."

IDIOM: to pay the piper
MEANING: to face the consequences for something you've done
EXAMPLE: "I broke my mother's vase. Tomorrow I'll have to pay the piper. She is going to be really angry!"

IDIOM: to pay through the nose
MEANING: to pay too much for something
EXAMPLE: "With the interest rates of some credit cards, you can easily end up paying through the nose."

IDIOM: (be) a piece of cake
MEANING: be very easy
EXAMPLE: Our final exam was a piece of cake. I thought it would be more difficult than that.
RELATED: as easy as pie

IDIOM: plastic (n)
MEANING: credit card(s)
EXAMPLE: "Do you have any cash on you? All I have is plastic."

IDIOM: to poke fun at (one)
MEANING: to mock or ridicule (one); to tease (one)
EXAMPLE: "It's not nice to poke fun at your brother!"
RELATED: to make fun of (one)

IDIOM: (be) pooped
MEANING: to be very tired, or exhausted
EXAMPLE: I've had a long day. I'm pooped!
RELATED: (be) beat / (be) dead tired

IDIOM: pop quiz (n)
MEANING: a surprise test; an unannounced short test
EXAMPLE: "Do you think we'll have a pop quiz today?"

IDIOM: pretty (adv.)
MEANING: rather; somewhat
EXAMPLE: "Bill Gates was pretty clever to make Internet Explorer and Windows interconnected."

IDIOM: to pull an all-nighter
MEANING: to study all night or work all night without sleeping
EXAMPLE: Many students pull an all-nighter before a test.

IDIOM: to pull (one's) leg
MEANING: to tease (one) by trying to make (one) believe something that's exaggerated or untrue
EXAMPLE: "Guess what? I've climbed Mt. Everest three times!"
                   "No way! You're just pulling my leg. You're too lazy to walk upstairs, so let's forget about Everest!"

IDIOM: to pull (oneself) together
MEANING: to compose (oneself)
EXAMPLE: "Oh no! What am I going to do? Oh no!!! Oh...!"
                    "Hey, pull yourself together. You just broke an egg, you didn't do anything wrong!"

IDIOM: to put on airs
MEANING: to behave in a manner above one's station in life
EXAMPLE: "Mary's always putting on airs. How many times will she wear her fur coat to try and make us jealous?! Sheesh!"

IDIOM: to put up with
MEANING: to tolerate
EXAMPLE: "I'm not going to put up with your lying anymore! Go to your room!"


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