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IDIOM: macho
MEANING: too masculine; masculine to an extreme; a type of chauvinistic behavior
EXAMPLE: "Stop acting like a macho man and change the baby's diaper!"

IDIOM: make a left/make a right
MEANING: to turn left / to turn right; to make a turn in the direction indicated
EXAMPLE: "Make a right at the corner, then go straight."

IDIOM: make a mountain out of a molehill
MEANING: make something out to be more important than it really is
EXAMPLE: Just because you made a mistake, doesn't mean they are going to fire you. You're just making a mountain out of a molehill."

IDIOM: make a note of
MEANING: to write something down; to make a mental note
EXAMPLE: "Let me make a note of that."

IDIOM: to make fun of (one)
MEANING: to mock or ridicule (one); to tease (one)
EXAMPLE: "It's not nice to make fun of your brother!"
RELATED: poke fun at (one)

IDIOM: to make sure
MEANING: to confirm; check; be positive about something
EXAMPLE: "Let me make sure that the party is Friday night, and not Saturday. After I make sure, I'll call you."

IDIOM: to make up (one's) mind
MEANING: to decide what to do; make a decision
EXAMPLE: Alma can't seem to make up her mind which university she wants to attend. She's been accepted at three different universities, and she needs to make up her mind soon.


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