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IDIOM: to lead the way
MEANING: to be the leader
EXAMPLE: "The EZ Company is leading the way to faster and better customer service."

IDIOM: to leave well enough alone
MEANING: to purposefully do nothing because you might make the situation worse
EXAMPLE: "Don't try to scare away the bear. Leave well enough alone."

IDIOM: to lend someone a hand
MEANING: to help someone
EXAMPLE: Frank is always there to lend me a hand. He's such a helpful guy.
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IDIOM: to let (one) know
MEANING: to tell (one)
EXAMPLE: "If you're interested in seeing a movie this weekend, just let me know."

IDIOM: Let sleeping dogs lie.
MEANING: Don't cause problems by doing something when it's not necessary.
EXAMPLE: "Don't ask the teacher if we're going to have another test. Just let sleeping dogs lie!"

IDIOM: a let-down (n)
MEANING: a disappointment; a very disappointing event or situation
EXAMPLE: "What a let-down. I thought I'd won first prize, but I actually lost."

IDIOM: Live and let live.
MEANING: allow people to live as they wish
EXAMPLE: "Many conservative people get upset about homosexuals, but I think that the people who get upset should just learn to live and let live."

IDIOM: to live from hand to mouth
MEANING: to have only enough money to pay for basic needs; survive on very little money
EXAMPLE: Many families are living from hand to mouth since the recession.

IDIOM: lousy (adj)
MEANING: very bad; terrible
EXAMPLE: "We went out to dinner last night. The food was good, but the service was lousy."

IDIOM: a low blow (n) (1)
MEANING: a big disappointment
EXAMPLE: A: Linda was dealt a low blow today. Her secretary was promoted to the job that Linda wanted.

IDIOM: a low blow (n)  (2)
MEANING: a big insult; something that shouldn't have been said
EXAMPLE: Brother: "You're stupid and you'll never become an astronaut! You're just a dumb girl!"
                      Sister:  "Ooooh! That was a low blow! You are mean!"


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