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IDIOM: to jump all over (one)
MEANING: to harshly criticize or find fault with (one)
EXAMPLE: "I can't believe it! Ally just jumped all over me! What's her problem today?!"

IDIOM: to jump down (one's) throat
MEANING: to scold, or reprimand someone harshly; to berate someone
EXAMPLE: "Nigel just jumped down my throat! What's his problem today?!"

IDIOM: to jump the gun
MEANING: to do something too early, or before it's time
EXAMPLE: "Angel jumped the gun and told the other employees that they were getting a raise. Now it turns out that nobody is getting a raise!"
ORIGIN: At the start of a race, the judge fires a gun. If a racer starts to early, it's said that he jumped the gun.

IDIOM: to jump to conclusions
MEANING: to make a conclusion without all the necessary facts
EXAMPLE: I thought Mark didn't like me, but I was just jumping to conclusions. He told me today that he does like me.

IDIOM: junk mail (n)
MEANING: unwanted, or unsolicited mail
EXAMPLE: "I got a bunch of junk mail today."


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