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IDIOM: If I had my druthers.
MEANING: if I could do what I'd rather do
EXAMPLE: "If Bill had his druthers, he'd stay on the computer day and night."
ORIGIN: This comes from the pronunciation of "I'd rather." (If I had my "I'd rathers.")

IDIOM: (be) in and out
MEANING: to come and go from a place often
EXAMPLE: Sam was in and out of the office most of the day today.

IDIOM: in over (one's) head
MEANING: in a situation that is too difficult to handle alone
EXAMPLE: "Could you have time to help me please? I'm afraid I'm in over my head. I just can't handle ths alone."

IDIOM: in stock (adj)
MEANING: a product is available to buy or sell
EXAMPLE: "We're out of stock on the deluxe vacuum cleaner, but we have the super model in stock."

IDIOM: in the black (adj)
MEANING: profitable; not showing a financial loss
EXAMPLE: The @Home Corporation hasn't been in the black for the past year.

IDIOM: in the red (adj)
MEANING: unprofitable; showing a financial loss
EXAMPLE: The @Home Corporation has been in the red for the past year, so they filed bankruptcy.

IDIOM: in time (adj)
MEANING: not late
EXAMPLE: "Petra was in time for her meeting. In fact, she was 20 minutes early."
RELATED: on time

IDIOM: inside out (adj)
MEANING: reversed; with the inner part on the outside and the outer part on the inside
EXAMPLE: "Did you know that your shirt is inside out?!"


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