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IDIOM: hard feelings (n)
MEANING: bad feelings; anger; animosity; bitter feelings
EXAMPLE: "I'm sorry that we got into an argument. Please, let's have no hard feelings over this."

IDIOM: (be) hard-headed (adj)
MEANING: to be unwilling to change; stubborn; inflexible
EXAMPLE: "Jason will never change his mind. He's really hard-headed sometimes!"

IDIOM: a hassle (n)
MEANING: a bothersome situation; something troublesome that interrupts the normal routine
EXAMPLE: "What a hassle! My supervisor wants to have all of the reports finished by the end of the week."

IDIOM: to hassle (v)
MEANING: to bother; annoy; interrupt a normal routine
EXAMPLE: "My boss is hassling me to finish these reports before Friday."

IDIOM: to have (one's) hands full
MEANING: to be very, very busy
EXAMPLE: "I'd love to help you, but I've got my hands full moving this weekend. Sorry!"

IDIOM: to have (something) down pat
MEANING: to know something completely; or understand something thoroughly
EXAMPLE: The students had the lesson down pat, and they all passed the test.
RELATED: to have something down pat / to know something inside out

IDIOM: head honcho (n)
MEANING: the top boss; the person in charge
EXAMPLE: "Who's the head honcho of this division?"

IDIOM: to hit the books
MEANING: to study
EXAMPLE: "I've got to hit the books because there's an exam in class tomorrow."

IDIOM: to hit the hay / hit the sack
MEANING: to go to bed; go to sleep
EXAMPLE: It's getting late. I'm going to hit the hay. / I'm going to hit the sack.

IDIOM: How come?
MEANING: a different way to ask "Why?"
EXAMPLE: "How come you didn't do your homework?"


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