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IDIOM: to get a kick out of something
MEANING: to find something entertaining, or amusing
EXAMPLE: I really get a kick out of watching my cat play.

IDIOM: to get a move on
MEANING: to hurry
EXAMPLE: "Get a move on, or you're going to be late!"
RELATED: to get going / to shake a leg / move it

IDIOM: to get going
MEANING: to leave
EXAMPLE: "Larry, it's getting late. You'd better get going!"
RELATED: to get a move on / to shake a leg / move it

IDIOM: to get in (one's) hair
MEANING: to pester, or annoy someone; to bother
EXAMPLE: "I'm making dinner now, and I don't want anyone to get in my hair. Everyone out of the kitchen now!"

IDIOM: to get it
MEANING: to understand something
EXAMPLE: "What do you mean? I don't get it."

IDIOM: Get lost!
MEANING: Go away! Don't bother me!
EXAMPLE: "Get lost! Leave me alone!"

IDIOM: to get on (one's) nerves
MEANING: to annoy or irritate someone; to make someone upset
EXAMPLE: "Please stop humming. It's really getting on my nerves."

IDIOM: to get (one's) wires crossed
MEANING: to be mistaken or confused about something; a miscommunication
EXAMPLE: "I thought we were going to meet at nine, but Susie thought we were going to meet at ten. I guess we got our wires crossed."

IDIOM: to get out of hand
MEANING: to lose control of a situation
EXAMPLE: "In-class talking is getting out of hand. The students need to stop talking in class."

IDIOM: Get real!
MEANING: Be realistic! / Don't be naive.
EXAMPLE: "Get real! Very few people win money in the lottery!"

IDIOM: get up and go (n)
MEANING: energy
EXAMPLE: "I don't have any get up and go. I'm exhausted."

IDIOM: to give (one) a hand
MEANING: to help someone
EXAMPLE: Frank is always there to give me a hand. He's such a helpful guy.
RELATED: to lend someone a hand

IDIOM: to give (one) a hand
MEANING: to applaud out of respect or appreciation
EXAMPLE: When the politician finished his speech, the audience gave him a hand.

IDIOM: to give up
MEANING: to stop, quit, or abandon
EXAMPLE: You can learn English! Don't give up!

IDIOM: to go with the flow
MEANING: to take things as they come; be casual and easygoing
EXAMPLE: I decided to quit worrying about whether the party was going to be successful or not, and to just go with the flow. When I relaxed, I had a much better time.

IDIOM: a go-getter / a real go-getter (n)
MEANING: a hard-working, or ambitious person
EXAMPLE: The new salesman is a real go-getter. He's going to be the president of the company if he continues like this!

IDIOM: to grab a bite
MEANING: to get something to eat
EXAMPLE: "I'm ready to grab a bite. Want to go for a burger with me?"
RELATED: chow down

IDIOM: (be) green (adj.)
MEANING: inexperienced
EXAMPLE: "The new supervisor is too green. He has no idea what he's doing."

IDIOM: (be) green with envy
MEANING: jealous; envious
EXAMPLE: "Did you see Myrna's new car? I'm just green with envy!"


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