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IDIOM: far-fetched
MEANING: difficult to believe; difficult to accept; not credible
EXAMPLE: Judy's excuse for being late is pretty far-fetched. Nobody's going to believe her!

IDIOM: (be) fed up with someone or something
MEANING: to have no more patience with one, or to be very tired of one
EXAMPLE: Susan is fed up with her job, and I'm fed up with Susan always complaining about it!

IDIOM: to feel blue / (be) blue
MEANING: to feel depressed and sad
EXAMPLE: When Nell's dog died, she felt blue for several weeks. She was blue for a long time.

IDIOM: to fire (one)
MEANING: to dismiss (one) from a job due to poor job performance
EXAMPLE: Perry's supervisor fired him last week because he was always late for work.

IDIOM: a fender-bender
MEANING: an automobile accident
EXAMPLE: Henry was in fender-bender last week, and now his insurance rates are going up.

IDIOM: for ages
MEANING: for a long time
EXAMPLE: "How have you been? I haven't talked to you for ages!"
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