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IDIOM: an eager beaver
MEANING: a person who wants to do something very much
EXAMPLE: Bethany sure is an eager beaver today. Yesterday I told her that if she wakes up early and finished her work, I'd take her to to zoo. I guess she really wants to go because it's only 8:00 A.M. and she's already cleaned her room and taken out the trash! Now she's waiting by the door to go to the zoo.

IDIOM: Easy does it!
MEANING: Be careful! ; Don't move too fast!
EXAMPLE: Easy does it! The milk is ready to spill.

IDIOM: an egghead
MEANING: an intelligent person who spends a lot of time with books, but not as much time with people
EXAMPLE: In the Harry Potter books, the character of Hermione is an egghead.

IDIOM: elbow grease
MEANING: effort; hard work
EXAMPLE: I used a little elbow grease and got the stain out of the carpet.

IDIOM: every other _____ (day/line/week/month/etc.)
MEANING: alternately; omitting the second one in each group of two.
EXAMPLE: The teacher asked us to write on every other line so that she could correct our compositions more easily.
PRACTICE: Try an exercise with "other" expressions.


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