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IDIOM: to call it a day
MEANING: to finish work for the day
EXAMPLE: "I'm tired. Let's call it a day."

IDIOM: to call it quits
MEANING: to finish work for the day
EXAMPLE: "I'm tired. Let's call it quits."

IDIOM: can't make heads or tails of something
MEANING: can't understand something at all; find something confusing and illogical
EXAMPLE: DeeDee can't make heads or tails of her assignment. She should ask the teacher for help.

IDIOM: to catch forty winks
MEANING: to sleep for a while; take a nap
EXAMPLE: "You look like you're tired. Why don't you catch forty winks?"

IDIOM: to catch (one's) eye
MEANING: to attract (one's) attention/interest
EXAMPLE: Pretty colors always catch my eye when I go shopping.

IDIOM: to catch some Zs / to catch a few Zs
MEANING: to sleep for a while; take a nap
EXAMPLE: "You look like you're tired. Why don't you catch some Zs?"
ORIGIN: In cartoons, when people sleep, it shows them with  line of Zs coming from their mouths. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz represents snoring.

IDIOM: to change one's mind
MEANING: to decide to do something different from what was decided earlier
EXAMPLE: Amy: "I thought you wanted pizza for dinner. Why are you eating a hamburger?"
                  Eva: "I changed my mind."

IDIOM: (be) chicken (adj. or n)
MEANING: afraid; cowardly
EXAMPLE: Leo won't ride the roller coaster. He's chicken / a chicken.

IDIOM: chow (n)
EXAMPLE: "How's the chow at that restaurant? Is it good?"

IDIOM: to chow down
MEANING: to eat
EXAMPLE: "I'm ready to chow down! What time is dinner?"
RELATED: to grab a bite

IDIOM: a cinch
MEANING: very easy
EXAMPLE: The exam was a cinch. All of the students scored high.

IDIOM: cool
MEANING: good, special, wonderful, terrific
EXAMPLE: English-Zone.Com is a cool place to learn idioms.

IDIOM: Cool it!
MEANING: Stop it!
EXAMPLE: "Cool it! If you complain again, we're going to go back home!"
RELATED: Cut it out!

IDIOM: cost (one) an arm and a leg
MEANING: to cost a lot; be very expensive
EXAMPLE: The university tuition in California costs an arm and a leg! It's far too expensive!
RELATED: a bundle (n)

IDIOM: couch potato
MEANING: someone who spends too much time watching TV
EXAMPLE: My brother is a big couch potato. He needs to turn off the TV and get more exercise!

IDIOM: cram
MEANING: try to learn a lot of information very quickly
EXAMPLE: Many students cram the night before a test, but forget the information right after the test.

IDIOM: crash course (n)
MEANING: a short course to learn a lot of information in a very short time
EXAMPLE: Nora wants to take a crash course in cooking because she's going to have a dinner party.

IDIOM: Cut it out!
MEANING: stop doing something that's annoying to me
EXAMPLE: Those students are making too much noise. They'd better cut it out!
IDIOM: Cool it!


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