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Body Idioms #2
All of these idioms have a body part in them...
Click on the idiom to study the meaning:
Now it's your turn to practice!
Read the sentences and try to guess the meaning of the underlined idioms:
1.) I fought tooth and nail to change the office policy. Now they finally agree with my proposal.
I argued with my manager.
I fought hard to change the policy.
The office policy was difficult.
2.) Marie loves her three grandchildren, but little Jenny is really the apple of her eye.
Jenny's favorite fruit is apples.
Marie loves apples.
Jenny is her favorite grandchild.
3.)  Wife:"Who told you about John's wedding?"
     Husband:   "I heard it firsthand from John."
John handed me a note.
John told me directly.
The wife told him.
4.) Susan: Jack, everybody at school is talking about you because you say bad words all the time. I think you should stop using bad language and people will like you better.
Jack: Hmm...ok, I'll take your advice to heart. Thank you for telling me.
Jack will think about Susan's advice.
Jack's heart is sad.
Susan is angry.
5.) I wonder how much it costs to go to school in America. I think it probably costs an cost an arm and a leg.
America is an expensive school.
Your arm will be cut off.
It's very expensive to go to school in America.
6.)  Wife: I can't get this jelly jar open, can you help me?
Husband: Sure. All it needs is a little elbow grease. Hmmm...This is tough! I can't get the jar open either!
You need to try hard to open the jar.
Use your elbow to open the jar.
Use some grease to open the jar.
7.)  Paul: I heard that Ryuko had the flu. How is she feeling today?
Jessica: She's finally getting back on her feet. She was sick for a long time.
Ryuko is standing up.
Ryuko is healthy now.
Ryuko's feet are sick.
8.)  Peter: Do you think that Sam will get that job?
Joey: He probably will. He's good friends with the manager too, so he's already got one foot in the door.
Peter: I didn't know that he knew the manager. I think he will definitely get the job then!
Sam is the manager.
Sam's foot is stuck in the door and it's broken.
Sam is lucky because he already knows the manager.

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