Questions and Answers with HOW

1. How many hours a day do you do homework?
About two hours.
I study grammar and vocabulary.
In my bedroom.

2. How long have you studied English?
For about three years.
For two hours a day.
At school
I was a child.

3. How do you spell your last name?
Yes, that's right!

4. How often do you eat pizza?
Last night. I love pizza!
Every day. I love pizza!
Tomorrow. I love pizza!
Next week. I love pizza!

5. How long does it take to drive from California to New York?
By car.
About 6 days.
10 or 15 minutes.

6. How did you get to school today?
About 20 minutes.
By car.

7. How much traffic was there yesterday?
A few.
A lot.

8. How long have you known how to play the piano?
By myself.
For 6 years.
In the garage.

9. How does he drive?
He drives a car.
His car is a Porsche.
About 25.
Very safely.

10. How much money does it cost?
Fifteen dollars.
Twelve o'clock.
36 years old.

11. How fast were you driving when the police saw you?
A Porsche.
12 o'clock.
90 miles an hour.
A ticket.

12. How old are you?
Fifteen dollars.
About 25.
Yes, I am.

13. How was the movie?
At 12 o'clock.
By bus.
No, I didn't.

14. How soon can you come?
Last week.
50 miles an hour.
Every week.
In ten minutes.

15. How did he get hurt?
He ran into a tree.
He runs into a tree.
He has run into a tree many times.
He will run into a tree.

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