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The CopyCat Game 3

A copycat is someone who agrees with everything you say. 
Imagine your young brother copying everything you say - that's how this game is played.
          I should do that   - copycat answer:  So should I.
I could have liked the movie.    - copycat answer:  I could have too.

Choose the correct statement to AGREE with the first sentence.

1) I will go tonight.
So will I. 
I am too. 
I would not. 
I can too. 
2) Serena can type well.
I will too. 
I could too. 
I can too. 
So could I. 
3) The students were able to finish the test quickly.
I was able too. 
So did I too. 
So was I able. 
So was I. 
4) He should've studied.
I should too. 
I should've too. 
So should I've. 
So could I. 
5) She wishes she hadn't started smoking.
I was too. 
So wish I. 
So do I. 
So am I. 
6) Margaret could've gone.
I would too. 
I could too. 
So could I. 
I could've too. 
7) I need to go to work.
I work too. 
I was too. 
I do too. 
So need I.
8) Sandra will watch 90210 on TV tonight.
I did too.
So will I.
So would I. 
So shall I. 
9) They might buy a new car.
I might too. 
I must too. 
And I might. 
So was I.
10) She should study more!
So will I! 
So should I! 
I could too! 
So shall I!
You have correct answers out 10

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