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Passive with GET + ADJECTIVE 4

When "get" is used with a past participle, it has the same meaning as "become" or "grow."
Some Examples:
If I wait in line for a long time, I get angry. (In other words, "I become angry," or "I grow angry.") 
If I have nothing to do, I get sleepy. (In other words, "I become sleepy," or "I grow sleepy.")
1. I don't feel very well. I think I'm 
2. When it rains, all the flowers 
3. My friend's hair fell out. He 
4. After a shower, I use a towel to 
5. Don't touch the trash! You will 
6. Wow! Look at the time! It's 
7. My cold is finally going away. I'm 
8. I've been running for half an hour. I'm really 
9. Look at my niece. She's growing up so fast. She's 
10. At Christmas time, the stores 

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