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To explain HOW something is done, we use by + a gerund
Try to match the correct processes below. 
When you finish, click on Check Answers. The first answer is given for you.
1. Ann closed the door
A. by laughing. 
A2. We express humor B. by yelling loudly.
E3. We satisfy our hunger C. by flying in a hot-air balloon!
I4. My cat shows that she is happyD. by using her foot. 
J5. The man cut himselfE. by eating something. 
H6. We can get into a movie theater F. by using the internet.
B7. Some people show that they are angryG. by smoking. 
G8. Some people express nervousnessH. by buying a ticket.
F9. I sent some email I. by purring. 
C10. I'm going to Paris J. by using some scissors improperly. 

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