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Gerunds and Infinitives

Group B Lesson + Exercise 1
In this lesson, we'll practice 10 different verbs:
These verbs can take GERUNDS after them:These verbs can take INFINITIVES after them:
Sam appreciates looking at fine art.
Marion didn't mind going to the store for me.
Jeff will practice writing his alphabet later.
Peter always avoids cleaning his room.
We should delay making the decision until later.
I promise to study these words.
I didn't agree to go with them.
Sara offered to make dinner.
Mack refused to go with us to class.
He decided to stay at home.

Gerunds & Infinitives
Choose the correct words to complete in each sentence.

1) Mack decided  on his project. 1)
2) Mack appreciates  with a partner. 2)
3)  Peter agreed  on his project at home. 3)
4) I don't mind  on my project at home, but I need some help. 4)
5) Can you practice  on the computer with me? 5)
6) I avoided  on my homework until Sunday night, and then I couldn't finish it in time. 6)
7) This weekend, I'm definitely NOT going to delay  on my homework! 7)
8) I promised  in my father's store on Saturday morning, but now I don't want to. 8)

9) Would you mind  a little more softly please? 9)
10) My friend offered  at my wedding. 10)
11) Shh! Be quiet until they've practiced  the last chorus. 11)
12) Matt sings terribly, so he avoids  in public. 12)
13) He refuses  in public. 13)
14) In fact, he has promised not  ever again! 14)

15) I appreciate you  the party. Thank you. 15)
16) Oh, it's no problem. I don't mind  parties. It's fun! 16)
17) It's very nice of you to offer  the party for me. 17)
18) I promise  a really fun party. 18)

___ING / TO ___
19) Sara delayed  for work. 19)
20) I appreciated  to you. 20)
21) I have decided  a doctor. 21)
22) Frank refused  Sam's story. 22)
23) I offered  him, but he said no.  23)
24) Walt has already practiced  the piano for one hour today. 24)

25) Amy avoided  my question. 25)
26) Refusing  my question was rude. 26)
27) Finally she agreed  me. 27)
28) I appreciated her  my question. 28)

29) Would you mind not  please? 29)
30) I'll agree not  inside the building. I'll go outside. 30)
31) Thanks. I appreciate your  outside. 31)

32) Have you practiced  your verbs yet? 32)
33) No, I haven't. I promise  them later. 33)
34) You always try to avoid  English! 34)
35) I promise that I will practice  my verbs later! 35)
36) You agreed  your verbs; now go do it! 36)

37) I hope you appreciate  at English-Zone.Com! 37)
38) The English-Zone.Com teacher doesn't mind  English to students all over the world. 38)
39) It's your decision  another language.  39)
40) I promise to make learning English easier. 40)

Your score is: 

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