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Gerunds and Infinitives

Group A, Exercise 3
In this lesson, we'll practice the 10 verbs we learned in -Lesson A-.
enjoy * expect * finish * hope * intend * mean * quit * plan * postpone * put off 


Type in the correct verb form for each sentence. 
Then click on the Check Answers button.
1) The students intend after dinner.
2) They hope well enough to pass the exam tomorrow.
3) They plan all night for the exam.
4) The students put off because they were lazy.
5) They wish they hadn't postponed !
6) They meant , but they never got around to it.
7) The students expect very late.
8) They don't really enjoy , but it is necessary.
9) The students are tired. They want to quit now.
10) They are finished now. Good night!

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