For or Since?

Type for or since to complete the sentences, then press check below:
  1. They had been working  two months.
  2. We have studied English  January.
  3. I have been very happy  I found some cool English Websites!
  4. I have been typing  about 10 minutes.
  5. Eric has been handsome  he was a child in elementary school.
  6. She has been on vacation  six weeks.
  7. Maria worked very hard  a long time.
  8. Mardi Gras is a party that lasts  several days.
  9. Jennifer has known Jack  she was 14 years old.
  10. They have been dating  a year ago.
  11. Elaine prepared to take the examination  a year.
  12. In some countries, Christmas lasts  twelve days.
  13. Kaye and Eric have been married  1992.
  14. Mai has lived with her host family  she came to America.
  15. Students should study  3 hours a day.
  16. Rick has worked at McDonald's  the last two years.
  17. He has been the manager  three months.
  18. Rick hasn't eaten a hamburger  August!
  19. I haven't opened a book  I finished high school!
  20. Jerry only slept  3 hours last night.
  21. I've wanted to learn English  I saw an American movie.
  22. I studied Spanish  seven months.
  23. Perry has played the piano  a long while.
  24. I've only played the piano  ten days though.
  25. Sam has been sad  she got a haircut!
  26. We've had a computer  one year ago.
  27. We've had a computer  one year.
  28. We've only had internet access  a few days.
  29. Kaye's lived in California  1963.
  30. Karyl decided to move to Canada  she visited her friend there.
  31. Most people hate working  8 hours a day!
  32. My friend has been visiting me  yesterday.

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