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A/AN/THE - Practicing Articles 2

The FIRST time you talk about something, use A/AN.
The SECOND time you talk about something, use THE.
I saw a bear. The bear was eating.
I saw an apple. The apple was on the table.

READ the sentences. CHOOSE your answers. Get your score!

1. I saw ____ girl. a   an   the  
2. ____ girl was playing a game with some other girls. A   An   The  
3. The game was being played with ____ ball. a   an   the  
4. ____ ball was black and white. A   An   The  
5. Each girl was wearing ___ old uniform. a   an   the  
6. ____ uniforms were purple and yellow. A   An   The  
7. There was ___ experienced referee watching the game too. a   an   the  
8. ___ referee was wearing a black and white uniform. A   An   The  
9. He was blowing ____ whistle. a   an   the  
10. ___ whistle was very loud. A   An   The  

You have correct answers out of 10

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