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Rhyming Challenge

Here's a challenge that will test your rhyming ability.
Below you will find a list of incomplete sentences.
Complete each sentence by filling in the missing word with the
correct rhyming word to make a pair with the bold-faced word.
When you are finished, click on the Check Your Score button.
Use the clues to guess the correct rhyming answer.


The man knows how to do it.
      The man can.
1. A very large cat is a cat!
2. A tiny ball is a ball.
3. We had a great time at the sunny beach. We had fun in the .
4. This is a song that plays for quite a while. It's a song.
5. I burned myself on the pot. It was a pot.
6. The man was relaxing in the sun. Now he's a man.
7. I ordered some fish for dinner. I ate a fish last night.
8. A crazy kid is a wild .
9. I couldn't sit down on the seat at the barber's shop because there was hair on the .
10. School is great. I go to a school!

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