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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Pronunciation Box - PULL

All of the main words have the same vowel sound as in the word PULL.
One word in each group DOESN'T have the same vowel sound as the other words. Find it!

1) pull Your answer is: 
full pool bull foot

2) book Your answer is: 
cook look soot boot

3) hood Your answer is: 
house put should sugar

4) good Your answer is: 
could wooden would blood

5) took Your answer is: 
pushing books tools pully

6) stood Your answer is: 
shouldn't shoes understood woman

7) wolf Your answer is: 
enough football bookshelf cushions

8) looking Your answer is: 
sugary bull punting pulling

You have  correct answers out 8

**note: This quiz is based on English spoken in the Western half of the United States.
English spoken on the East coast of the US, or in different countries, may sound different.

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