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Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Pronunciation Box - BUT

All of the main words have the same vowel sound as in the word BUT.
One word in each group DOESN'T have the same vowel sound as the other words. Find it!

1) button Your answer is: 
blood food sun honey

2) touch Your answer is: 
much such hutch taught

3) rust Your answer is: 
bone done tuxedo company

4) husband Your answer is: 
stomach uncle Monday vacuum

5) mother Your answer is: 
monkey mugger mouth money

6) lucky Your answer is: 
walnut pudding another blunder

7) brother Your answer is: 
otter other cutter cousin

8) won Your answer is: 
sponge luck log does

9) summer Your answer is: 
truck tough something soup

10) hungry Your answer is: 
done only once rubber

You have  correct answers out 10

**note: This quiz is based on English spoken in the Western half of the United States.
English spoken on the East coast of the US, or in different countries, may sound different.

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