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Sniglets are made up words to describe a familiar situation. You can bet you won't find these in the dictionary!
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Sniglet: Daffy Definitions:
Aeroma: Odor emanating from an exercise room after aerobics class.
Airloin: Unidentified airline entree served in-flight.
Airpunt: Any series of kicks that advances baggage thru the airport.
Alfafabet: Backward letters used only on kid's clubhouse doors.
Alponium:  Blast of odor when opening a can of dog food.
Anaception: The body's ability to affect TV reception by moving.
Anagatha: Any mysterious item that appears on your desk.
Anananany: The inability to stop spelling 'banana' once you've started.
Aquacoustics: Sound waves in bathrooms that enable anyone to sing on key.
Aquait: The time allowed at the water fountain for the water to cool.
Aquello: The brilliant yellow color identifying waterproof materials.
Audiosis: The hearing of a sound after it quits.
Auldlanxiety: Experience of waking up New Year's Day with amnesia.

Bandile: The thin red strip one pulls to release a bandage.
Bar-B-Coup: When a relative commandeers the outdoor grill.
Barcathrottle: The wooden lever/gear shift on the side of a recliner.
Barcissist: The person in every bar staring at himself in the mirror.
Boardwinds: Mysterious force in Monopoly that sucks up currency.
Bogustie: Clip-on bow ties that look real but aren't.
Boopchatter: The beeps at the beginning/end of pre-recorded tapes.
Boothgap: Space between a stationary seat and the next table.
Bubblic: Addicted to the systematic popping of bubble packing.
Bugpedal: To accelerate/decelerate rapidly to remove a clinging bug.
Bursploot: Using one's thumb at the end of the hose to boost pressure.
Busblender: The device at the front of the bus that swirls/swallows coins.
Buyzantine: A building style designed so visitors exit the gift shop.

Caffidget: To break up an emptied Styrofoam cup into 100's of pieces.
Carpillary Action: Enables water to move up a windshield.
Cellostatic: Property of cracker wrappers that causes them to stick.
Centstress: Anxiety felt when asked, "Do you have a penny?"
Cherk: Person who writes a check for the items in the grocery store.
Chiplinger: Debris left in the dip during a large party.
Chocography: Information describing the candy arrangement in box.
Chronesia: The tendency to not know the time when asked, after checking.
Cigadent: Any accident involving a cigarette.
Cinemuck: The popcorn/soda/candy melted all over the theater floor.
Cineslouch: The position one adopts during a shock/horror scene.
Clogbytes: The holed edges of computer paper that jam up when printing.
Coat-tail Crusin: Voyage a piece of clothing takes hanging out a car door
Coinophony: Annoying pocket concerts conducted by people jiggling keys, etc.
Combiloops: The 2-3 unsuccessful attempts at opening a combination lock.
Conspicuslat: A maligned strip in a venetian blind.
Cyranno Blues: Brief depression after finding late mail hasn't arrived.

Deterrency: Ruined currency found in pants pockets after laundering.
Digimenmonic: Vanity phone numbers like 1-800-BARGAIN.
Disastastack: Any precariously balance pyramid of goods in a store.
Dishnostic: Thoroughly cleaning each dish before using dishwasher.
Dog Gaskets: The black stuff that collects around an elderly dog's mouth.

Enveloptic: Anyone who peers thru the box opening to see what's beyond.
Equatt: The pasttime of trying to balance the light switch in the center.
Eufirstics: Two people waiting on the phone for the other to hang up.
Excess Weinerage: When buns come in 8 pks and franks come in 12 pks.

Flanacles: The chains attached to bank pens to prevent theft.
Flannister: The plastic yoke that holds a six-pack together.
Flotion: The tendency to undulate in a waterbed everytime someone moves.
Fotoflagellation: The act of waving a Polaroid so it develops faster.
Freeze burn: Fascinating effect on a screen when a movie jams & melts.
Frigidalien: Any nonfood item (film, batteries) kept in the refrigerator.
F-Shock: Discovering, after having a flash photo, that you are albino.
Furtail Dash: Phenomenom of noticing something scurry, looking but it's gone.

Gabledygook: Any phrase rendered unintelligible by Clark Gable.
Gauzepressions: The gray sticky outline left behind by any bandage.
Geouch: Sharp rock one always finds underneath one's sleeping bag.
Greepers: People who walk up the down escalator to appear motionless.

Hackindeeminor: Contagious coughing between movements of a symphony.
Halaska: The box on a U.S. map that shows the 49th and 50th states.
Headweasels: The pompous, arrogant, etc, maitre d's who ruin a meal.
Hemoplugs: Small pieces of toilet paper applied to shaving wounds.
Horoscopia: Advice in a horoscope that can be applied to anyone, anytime.

Idiolocation: "You are here->" on any map.
Idiot Box: The part of the envelope that tells where the stamp goes.
Infachilles: Having one's heel rammed from behind by a baby stroller.
Infrasurvey: The test to see how far back the TV remote will work.
Inknition: The metal clicker at the top of ball point pens.
Intronesia: Embarrasing act of forgetting a name as you're introducing people.
Invisivoidance: The ability to disappear to avoid saying Hi to people.
Ironic Setting: Why would "permanent press" need to be ironed?

Jack O'Lobotomy: Removal of pulp and seeds from a pumpkin.
Javacise: Burst of motion after spilling coffee in one's lap.
Jemimites: Tiny pancakes formed from batter that fell of the ladle.
Jetschpiel: The animated "safety speech" given on airlines & ignored.
Jigglysomething: Irritating way the camera bounces in yuppie commercials.

Kleptoreceptors: The plastic cage on cassettes at music stores.

Laminites: Those strange people who show up inside new wallets.
Litmusload: Any washload that comes out the color of one item.
Lockoblanko: The inability to remember your combination after vacation
Lynthlyptus: Any cough drop found in one's pocket after a few days.

Magnocartic: Any car that attracts shopping carts in a parking lot.
Mallwaltzist: Person hired to demonstrate pianos and organs in malls.
Maltigo: Mall confusion about which direction one entered from.
Margrane: Blinding pain from drinking Margarita slush too quickly.
Marmal: The bits of orange peel suspended in mamalade.
Memoglyphics: Any grocery list that cannot be read once at the store.
Mimoids: People addicted to the smell of newly mimeographed papers.
Minisculini: Tiny portions served in fancy restaurants.
Mirrorcide: Leading cause of death among finches and parakeets.
Mowmuffins: Dried accumulation of grass on the underside of mowers.
Mummelot: Bottomless repository where theatre tickets are dropped.

Napjerk: The sudden body convulsions as one is about to doze off.
Navaglancing: Trying to find a good radio station while driving.
NBAcious: Last ditch effort of a player as the buzzer goes off.
Neglintics: The study of why contrasting lint attaches itself to clothes.
Newspamper: The plastic bag the paper comes in on rainy/snowy days.
Noggenavigation: The ability of parents to guide kids by the tops of heads.
Nostridamus: Nose itch when your hands are unable to scratch it.
Nougalicity: Degree to which a Snickers will stretch before breaking
Nutrasecond: The few seconds of pleasure before the aftertaste sets in.
Nuttonbutton: The device at intersections marked "push to cross".

Ohno-second: Moment after locking the door, realizing the keys are inside.

Parsleycution: Destroying the garnish on your plate, so no recycling.
Pastaplegic: Person who can't move after eating too much spaghetti.
Pedaeration: Perfect body heat achieved by one foot out from under covers.
Peepola: The gap in dressing room curtains that never be closed.
Peppier: The waiter at fancy restaurant who only grinds pepper.
Pepsunami: The tidal wave of carbonation that cascades over the edge.
Piano Mouth: Particular condition after one has eaten chocolate cake.
Pielibrium: Point at which the crust outweighs the filling, tipping over.
Pockalanche: Perpetual action where items fall out of a shirt pocket.
Poptroopers: Kernels that leap over the side of the container.
Postentive: Starting a long overdue letter and never finishing it.
Projectee: A person who is in front of the screen as the movie starts.
Purcilious: The manner in which a man holds his wife's purse in public.
Puttsway: Leaning/teetering movements performed by golfers.

Quadriphobia: Fear of 4-way stops and not knowing who goes next.

Receptronzs: Bits of foil, coat hangers to improve antenna reception.
Rotocoronetic: Person who eats corn on the cob in an up & down style.
Rubuncles: The bumps on un uncooked chicken.

Salivosavers: People who tuck envelopes in instead of licking them.
Scrabitch: Unscratchable itch in the center of your back.
Scribline: The signature box on the back of credit cards.
Second Oilpinion: Rechecking the dipstick, not trusting the first measure.
Sellebrities: Stars who triple their income by endorsing stuff.
Shampiquefy: Diluting the shampoo so that you don't have to buy more, yet.
Sloopage: Tendency of hot dogs/hamburgers to slip from their covers.
Slurm: The slime that accumulates in the bottom of the soap dish.
Snacktivity: Any amusing table pasttime. (eating the crust first, etc.)
Snactionals: The guiltless crumbs/pieces at the bottom of the cookies.
Software Aria: The computer's boot-up noises.
Songlonger: A person who always sings "...And many moooore" at the end.
Spirtle: The fine stream from a grapefruit that always zaps your eyes.
Squatic Diversion: Anything a dog owner does/views while the dog squats.
Stroodle: The annoying strand of cheese stretching from a slice of pizza.
Superflograph: The last useless photo taken just to finish the roll.
Survoids: Irrational mall walking to avoid someone with a clipboard.
Sushpect: Anyone who makes a noise (not verbal) to tell you to be quiet.

Tatercrater: Hole dug in mashed potatoes to keep the gravy in.
Televators: The rolling line on a TV when the Horizontal hold is out
Teloustic: Tendency for people to shout when calling long distance.
Threadbearer: The kid in 3rd grade who can thread the film projector.
Threek: A fork with three tines.
Thrickle: Itch in the back of the throat scratched by making noises.
Thriftshock: Spotting previously owned items at a Salvation Army.
Todlitter: Food debris under high chair after an attempted feeding.
Tunar: Sonar-like device in cat food that causes cats to appear.
Turnitoffita: The noise a film makes to tell you its over.

Ultimato: The choice of eating veggies or going to bed without supper.
Umbrace: Small strap that holds an umbrella in place.
Umbroglio: Any conflict with an umbrella on a windy day.
Underhoodist: A station attendant with a genius for locating hood latches.
Unpupular: Anyone whose dog refuses to play them.

Vegetinting: Taking items from a salad bar to make your plate colorful.

Waldust: Powder that sticks to you when you lean against a white wall.
Weseenems: The nat'l park stickers and state flags plastered all over RV's.
Whipsplash: Compulsion to shove someone into a swimming pool.
Witlag: The delay between delivery and comprehension of a joke.
Wobbliwad: A folded piece of paper stuck under furniture as a balance.
Wriglimortis: The effect of a cold drink on a piece of chewing gum.

Xeroxpox: Large powdery blotches of toner on photcopies.

Yankel: That long, long piece of hair that bald men comb over the top of their, so as not to appear bald.
Yardshtick: Lame neighborly quips exchanged in the backyard.

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