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What does English-Zone.Com have to offer?

English-Zone.Com is divided into these major zones so that you can find exactly what you want easily:

  1. Main Page: This is the English-Zone.Com home page. Everything on this site begins on this page. If you would like to link to English-Zone.Com, this is the best page to link to.

  3. New!: This page will show you everything that's new at English-Zone.Com.

  5. Grammar Zone: You will find English grammar explanations and exercise sorted by category here.

  7. Verb Zone: Practice your English verbs, verb tenses, modals, here with detailed charts and interactive quizzes.

  9. Idiom Zone: Learn lots of English idoms here and practice them with interactive quizzes.

  11. Spelling Zone: Learn the English spelling rules and practice them here with some interactive quizzes. English-Zone.Com makes spelling easy!

  13. Conversation Zone: This is a small section with conversation mazes, and links to conversation and listening practice.

  14. Pronunciation Zone: This is a small section with pronunciation exercises.

  16. Vocabulary Zone: In this zone, you'll find lots of vocabulary quizzes, games, and activities to build your vocabulary.

  18. Teacher Zone: The teacher's zone offers lessons, printable worksheets, activities, language fun, and links especially for teachers.

  20. Reading Zone: This section includes reading comprehension activities, fables, easy-to-read charts, and quizzes.

  22. Writing Zone: This small zone offers paragraph writing activities and lots of mad-libs. 

  24. How to be a Good Student: Get study skills, tips and techniques to become a better student here. Don't work harder, work smarter!

  26. Basic Skills Zone: Students who must take the CASAS test or other standardized tests will benefit greatly from this section. Practice map reading, check writing, money shills and much more.

  28. Holiday Zone: Here you will find holiday pages, and the words to LOTS of christmas songs with easy-to-understand definitions and explanations of difficult words in the songs. There are also some holiday stories.

  30. Fun Stuff Zone: Play some trivia games, take a California driver's test, win a million bananas, find out your EXACT age - to the minute, check out the moonwalk page, find out about your past life, see how many days there are until Christmas, and much, much more.

  32. Joke Zone: Easy-to-understand jokes in English. G-rated jokes with explanations so that ESL students can understand a little bit of our humor.

  34. English-Zone.Com Online Store: Buy a book! Find hundreds of EFL/ESL book recommendations especially chosen to help you learn or improve your English.

  36. Links: Links to these topics: English Quizzes, English Language Sites, Grammar Links, Interesting Language Pages, Puzzles and Fun, Online Proficiency Tests, and Web links - to build your own site!

  37. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): All the answers to your questions.

  39. Language Fun Pages: Enjoyable pages relating to English as a language, its inconsistencies, jokes, and other fun language nonsense! This area is more for teachers and lovers of the English language than for ESL students, but everything at English-Zone.Com is rated kid-safe, so have no fear if they visit here!

  41. Meet the Teacher: Who runs this place? Find out here!


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