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Advertising a Sewing Machine
Truth in advertising?
Visits: 12058
Advertising Gone Wrong
Advertisers should hire a translator!
Visits: 7678
Amusing Advertisements
Confusing, amusing classifieds!
Visits: 10132
Built-in Orderly Organized Knowledge
Visits: 5821
Bart Simpson's chalkboard writings.
Visits: 8320
BuzzWord Generator
Every administrator needs this!
Visits: 5502
Calvin & Hobbes
On language...
Visits: 7882
Church Bulletin Bloopers
These bloopers supposedly come from church bulletins.
Visits: 4025
College Admission Essay
There's something to be said for honesty....
Visits: 5102
Court Transcripts
Are you dead, now? Huh?!
Visits: 4414
Double Positives
Don't not read this one!
Visits: 6200
Elementary Teacher
Are you a true teacher? Test yourself!
Visits: 7644
English Bloopers
These bloopers come from 'Anguished English' by Richard Lederer.
Visits: 6206
English Rules
A tongue-in-cheek list of rules for writers to write good!
Visits: 7904
Excuses from Parents
If the parents wrote these, there's no hope!
Visits: 7249
Faulty Translations
Never trust a translating device!
Visits: 5859
First Lines...
Worst sentences to start a book with!
Visits: 5403
Funny Headlines
Actual newspaper headlines!
Visits: 6501
Hick Phonics
Can you speak like a hick?
Visits: 5221
History of the U.S.
In 100 words or less. A very clever essay!
Visits: 4955
How to Sing the Blues
A step-by-step guide for singing the blues.
Visits: 4028
Insurance Reports
A pedestrian hit me...
Visits: 3265
Interesting Anagrams
Hmm...did someone plan these?
Visits: 5394
Laws of Teaching
It never fails...
Visits: 5475
Manual for Teacher's Assistants
Throw away the manual they gave you - here's the correct one!
Visits: 4658
Mayhem in the Classroom
An excellent satirical essay on spelling reform.
Visits: 4276
Funny names created by ridiculous mergers.
Visits: 3828
Mistaken Signs
These were all found on signs.
Visits: 5746
Mongooses? Mongeese?
Plurals are crazy!
Visits: 4222
On Books...
Humorous book titles and authors.
Visits: 3529
Tons of oxymorons in English.
Visits: 5439
P.C. High School
Not high school, university for the young...
Visits: 3468
Quips & Quotes
Lots of quips on different topics.
Visits: 4274
Quips From Carlin
Carlin is too funny!
Visits: 3348
Research Papers
A translation guide for research papers.
Visits: 3369
Shakespeare's Insult Kit
Put a few of these phrases together for an excellent insult.
Visits: 4936
You won't find these words in a dictionary!
Visits: 5752
Ten Reasons to Teach
Teaching is such a noble profession...
Visits: 5638
The End
How will newspapers report the end of the world?
Visits: 4122
Are these for real?! It's doubtful...
Visits: 5397
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Some very philosophical answers to an age-old question...
Visits: 5561
World History According to Student Bloopers
This one is funny!
Visits: 5374
World's Shortest Books
Funny reading!
Visits: 7720

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