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Ready-to-Use Paragraph Writing Activities
Ready-to-Use Paragraph Writing Activities

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What is a Paragraph? 01
The Structure of a Paragraph - A detailed lesson about the structure of a paragraph with examples.
Visits: 66728
What is a Paragraph? 02
Paragraph Structure Quiz - Test yourself on paragraph structure.
Visits: 28534
What is a Paragraph? 03
The Topic Sentence - What are you going to tell the reader about?
Visits: 13750
What is a Paragraph? 04
The Main Point - What is your point?
Visits: 5674
What is a Paragraph? 05
The Supporting Detail - Can you prove it?
Visits: 3940
What is a Paragraph? 06
The Closing Sentence / Conclusion - The End.
Visits: 3771
How to Write a Paragraph 01
The Prewriting Process - Learn six pre-writing steps to make your paragraphs better.
Visits: 9121
How to Write a Paragraph 02
The Paragraph Outline - Use this to guide your paragraph structure.
Visits: 5642
How to Write a Paragraph 03
The Writing Process - Learn five writing steps to make your paragraphs better.
Visits: 5853
How to Write a Paragraph 04
The Editing Process - Learn to edit your paragraph.
Visits: 3395
How to Write a Paragraph 05
The Final Draft - Get ready to turn in your completed paragraph.
Visits: 3545
Types of Different Paragraphs 01
Classification Paragraph - Learn about writing a classification paragraph.
Visits: 6514
Types of Different Paragraphs 02
The Sequencing Paragraph - First, second, third...
Visits: 6021

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