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These exercises are for advanced students.

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American States - Chart Study
Visits: 20314
Animal Group Names - Chart Study
Reading for specific purposes.
Visits: 10752
Los Angeles Area Gets a New Spider
A news article with a reading quiz - very interesting!
Visits: 50388
Shakespeare Sonnets
Here are two of Shakespeare's Sonnets.
Visits: 6195
The First Thanksgiving from Scholastic
Visits: 0
The Gift of the Magi
A classic Christmas story by O.Henry with clickable vocabulary words.
Visits: 29985
The History of Thanksgiving from the History Chann
Visits: 0
The Tell-Tale Heart
A classic scary story by Edgar Allen Poe.
Visits: 33454
Twas the Night Before Christmas
A Christmas poem with clickable vocabulary words.
Visits: 7596
U.S. Presidents - Chart Study
Practice reading for specific purposes.
Visits: 32328

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