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Adjectives, Comparatives & Superlatives WKSHT
Printable Fill-in Chart
Visits: 56974
Worksheet: Comparatives
Fill-In Chart: Write the missing comparatives. Includes Answer Key
Visits: 7081
Worksheet: Comparatives and Superlatives
Fill-in Chart of Comparatives and Superlatives + Answer Key
Visits: 8900
Worksheet: Comparatives and Superlatives 1
One syllable words: smart - smarter than - the smartest
and CVC words: big - bigger than - the biggest
Visits: 6641
Worksheet: Comparatives and Superlatives 2
Two syllable words with Y: pretty-prettier-prettiest
Two + syllable words (no Y): famous-more famous-most famous.
Visits: 2068
Worksheet: Comparatives and Superlatives 3
Irregular Adjectives: good - better than - the best
Adverbs: carefully - more carefully than - the most carefully
Visits: 1704
Worksheet: Similes 1 (AS...AS)
Use the words from the list to complete the similes.
Example: As blind as a bat.
Visits: 1004
Worksheet: Similes 2 (AS...AS)
Sentences with Similes
Complete the sentences with a simile.
Example: Rick's as blind as a bat.
Visits: 847
Worksheet: Superlatives
Fill-In Chart: Write the missing superlatives. Includes Answer Key
Visits: 1330

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