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Valentine's Day is a romantic day observed on February 14th. People send greeting cards called Valentines to loved ones.

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How did Valentine's Day begin?
Visits: 3570
How Do I Love Thee?
Learn Elizabeth Barrett Browning's famous love poem.
Visits: 2105
Make a Valentine - poems to use
Use these poems to write your own Valentine.
Visits: 2858
Make a Valentine - Words of Love
Learn the vocabulary of love.
Visits: 2808
Shakespeare Sonnets
Here are two of Shakespeare's Sonnets.
Visits: 6195
Valentine Word Search Puzzle
Here's a Valentine Word Search Puzzle to print and play.
Visits: 2597
Valentine's Day Quiz
Read the Valentine section, then try this quiz to see what you've learned.
Visits: 3300
Valentine's Day Symbols
Learn what the different Valentine's Day symbols mean.
Visits: 2928
Valentine's Day Word Scramble Game
Unscramble the Valentine words in this puzzle.
Visits: 3252
What is Valentine's Day?
Visits: 2755

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