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Bank Robbery! A Noun Clause Activity
Printable worksheet to practice changing questions into noun clauses.
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Embedded Questions
Can you tell me what time the next bus comes?
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Indirect (Reported) Speech Chart
Chart on how to change direct speech into indirect (reported) speech.
Visits: 2629
Indirect (Reported) Speech Quiz
'I went to the beach,' Frank said. -> He said that he had gone to the beach.
Visits: 2120
Noun Clauses with Infinitives
My teacher told me to try this page.
Visits: 5986
THAT Clauses
I'm pretty sure that the next bus comes at noon.
Visits: 1973
The Bank Robbery WKSHT
Noun Clause Conversation Activity Worksheet. This is fun! Practice changing questions into noun clauses.
Visits: 597

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