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MEANING: to agree with someone reluctantly
EXAMPLE:   John: "Come to the party with me. Please!"
                     Dana: "Well, OK. I don't want to, but I will."

MEANING: so-so, fair; not particularly good or bad
EXAMPLE:  Carla: "How's your chemistry class?"
                    Diana: "It's OK, I guess. But it's not the best class I've ever had."

MEANING: unharmed; in satisfactory condition
EXAMPLE:   Gail: "You don't look normal. Are you OK?"
                     Beth: "Yes. I just have a headache."

MEANING: to approve
EXAMPLE: "When the supervisors OK my expediture reports, I can fax them to you."

MEANING: approval
EXAMPLE: "When the supervisors gave me the OK, I faxed the reports to the main office."

IDIOM: on (one's) behalf
MEANING: to do something in another person's place.
EXAMPLE: "Hester couldn't go to the awards show, so Sharon accepted the award on her behalf."

IDIOM: on (one's) last legs
MEANING: in very bad condition
EXAMPLE: "My car is on its last legs. I need to replace it or repair it soon."

IDIOM: on behalf of (one)
MEANING: to do something in another person's place.
EXAMPLE: "On behalf of Hester, I'd like to accept this award."

IDIOM: on the cutting edge
MEANING: using the most recent technology
EXAMPLE: "Bill Gates new computer program is on the cutting edge. It's amazing software."

IDIOM: on the dot
MEANING: exactly at a given time
EXAMPLE: "We're going at 9:00 on the dot. If Sam is late, we'll go without him."

IDIOM: (be) on the go
MEANING: to be very busy (going from one thing or project to another)
EXAMPLE: "Frank has been on the go all weekend. When does he sleep?!"

IDIOM: on the level
MEANING: honest; truthful
EXAMPLE: "Do you think the salesman is on the level? I'm not sure I believe this car has a 20-year warranty."

IDIOM: (be) on the road
MEANING: to be traveling
EXAMPLE: Ben was on the road all last week, so he is a little behind in returning his phone calls.
RELATED: go on the road

IDIOM: (be) on the tip of (one's) tongue
MEANING: to be very close to figuring out or remembering the answer
EXAMPLE: Beth: "What's the word for the other animal that looks like a crocodile?"
Lee: "Give me a second - it's on the tip of my tongue. Ummm...hmm...allisaur...no... I got it - alligator!"

IDIOM: on time
MEANING: not late; at the scheduled time
EXAMPLE: "It's getting late. You'd better hurry if you want to get to work on time."

IDIOM: once in a while
MEANING: sometimes; occasionally; from time to time
EXAMPLE:  "Do you ever play tennis?"
                    "Well, not very often. I play once in a while, but not regularly."
RELATED: now and then

IDIOM: one at a time
MEANING: in a singlular fashion; individually
EXAMPLE: "Students, come up and get your compositions from my desk one at a time."

IDIOM: or so
MEANING: an inexact amount
EXAMPLE: "Please write five or so sentences with idioms, and then hand them in."

IDIOM: out of the question
MEANING: unacceptable; unallowable; impossible
EXAMPLE: "I'm sorry, but going to Paris alone is out of the question. You're only 15 years old!"

IDIOM: (be) over
MEANING: to be finished; to end
EXAMPLE: Lee: "What time will your meeting be over?"
                 Jane: "It'll be over around 4."

IDIOM: over one's head
MEANING: too complicated or difficult to understand
EXAMPLE: "Quantum physics is just over my head. I'll never understand this!"
                   "I think the joke was over Sara's head. She didn't laugh, so she must not have understood."


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