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Idioms are words, phrases, or expressions that are unusual either grammatically, as in "Long time, no see!" or there is a meaning that cannot be derived from the conjoined meanings of its elements, as in "It's raining cats and dogs!" Every language has idioms, and they are challenging for foreign students to learn.

I've tried to make them a little easier for you by giving you the meaning, and an example for each idiom. I hope it helps - enjoy!


Before the bartender made the drink, he broke the ice with a spoon and dropped in into the glass.

Before the conference began, the speaker broke the ice with a joke.

to break the ice =
1. to make a beginning
2. to get through the first difficulties in starting a conversation or discussion.

This Idiom Dictionary represents HUNDREDS of hours of hard work. Please do NOT steal my pages and add them to your site. However, you may print one or two pages for personal study. 

Thanks for respecting my copyright,
Kaye Mallory, your English-Zone.Com teacher

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