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IDIOM: dicey (adj)
MEANING: risky; uncertain; taking a big chance
EXAMPLE: Buying stock in lesser-known companies can be a little dicey.

IDIOM: to ditch class
MEANING: to skip class; to play hookey
EXAMPLE: Omar ditched class yesterday, and he missed an important test.

IDIOM: to do a bang-up job
MEANING: to do a very good job; do very well at something
EXAMPLE: Veronica did a bang-up job on her English project. She got the highest score in the class.

IDIOM: Don't count your chickens until they hatch
MEANING: Don't assume that something will happen until it has happened
EXAMPLE: Nina: "I want to buy a new car and a house when I win the lotto next week."
                 Tess: "Don't count your chickens until they hatch!"

IDIOM: (be) down in the dumps
MEANING: to be depressed; sad
EXAMPLE: After the World Trade Center was destroyed, many people were down in the dumps for a long time. Some people will probably never feel better.
RELATED: (be) blue

IDIOM: to drag one's feet
MEANING: to delay; to take longer than necessary to do something
EXAMPLE: It seems like the clerk at the government office is dragging his feet. My visa should have been approved weeks ago.

IDIOM: to drop (one) a line
MEANING: to write to (one)
EXAMPLE: "Please drop me a line when you get to Taiwan."
RELATED: to keep in touch


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