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by Kay Wade, Berkeley Adult School - Thanks Kay!!!


The past tense shows actions that occurred in the past.
Yesterday, we talked about the Mayans. (on some verbs, just add –ed to show the past tense)
She came to the United States ten years ago. (some verbs have irregular forms)
She didn’t live in Berkeley until this year. (negative statements use did+not)
Did you graduate from high school in your home country? (questions use “did” before the subject)
Choose the best verb or verb phrase for the blank.
If the subject is plural, the verb must be plural.
If the subject is singular, the verb must be singular.

1. Martin Luther King _______________ a minister like his father.
become became is becoming

2. Many laws in the US ______________ fair to citizens of color.
isn't wasn't weren't

3. Many citizens ____________________ because of racial discrimination.
couldn't vote can vote can't vote

4. Even public restrooms and drinking fountains ____________ separate.
is were was

5. “Colored” people __________ to ride in the back of the bus.
didn't have had wasn't have

6. Black people and Asian people ______________ in most restaurants.
can eat couldn't eat no eat

7. People _____________ to Martin Luther King, Jr. because he was an excellent speaker.
wasn't listen were listen listened

8. Dr. King ______________ about peaceful resistance from Mahatma Gandhi.
was read read don't read

9. Dr. King said, “Together, people __________________ things.
could change changing don’t changing

10. ______ he ___________ people to love one another or to kill one another?
Was…tell Don’t…tell Did…tell

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