Happy Holidays!

dashing (v): hurrying, moving quickly

jingle (n): one of the sounds that a bell makes.
Other sounds are: ding-dong, ding-a-ling, ring-ting-tingling, etc.

sleigh (n): a large sled that carries people over the snow.

Bells on bob-tail ring: The bells hanging from the horse's tail will ring.

spirit (n): a feeling or mood

The horse was lean and lank: The horse was thin and tall - all legs and not very muscular.

Misfortune seemed his lot: The horse seemed to be very unlucky!

We got into a drifted bank: We got caught in a small hill of snow - a snow bank.

upsot: upset - the sleigh tipped over onto its side.

jolly (adj): cheerful, happy

frosty (adj.): cold, covered with frost (small ice particles)

corncob pipe (n): a pipe for smoking tobacco, made from a corn cob (the center of an ear of corn).

traffic cop (n): a policeman who directs traffic.

holler (v): to yell or scream loudly

pa rum pum pum pum: the sound from the little drummer boy's drum.

A newborn King to see: to visit Baby Jesus - any time something is written about Jesus, a capital letter is used.

nod (v): to shake your head "yes."

rockin' (v): rocking (Rockin' around the Christmas tree = Dancing around the Christmas tree.)

hop (n): a dance  (Christmas Party Hop = the Christmas dance party)

mistletoe (n): an evergreen type plant. At Christmas time in some countries, people must kiss when they walk under the mistletoe. (pronounced "missile + toe")

pumpkin pie (v): a dessert served during the winter holiday season.

caroling (v): singing - the singing of holiday songs is called caroling.
carol (n): a holiday song

sentimental (adj): a warm, good feeling - a memory of past good times.

jolly (adj): happy, cheerful

boughs of holly: branches of holly - a green plant with pretty red berries.
(Holly is pretty, but it's very poisonous!)

merry (adj): happy
merrily (adv.) in a happy way, happily

deck (v): to decorate,
"Deck the halls" = decorate the rooms we use for parties.

'tis : short form of "it is"
'Tis is used in songs and poems.

don (v): to put on
"Don we now our gay apparel" - put on our party clothes now!

gay (adj): happy, festive

Yuletide: Christmas time

troll (v): to sing loudly

eggnog (n): a traditional drink served during the winter holidays, made with cream, eggs, sugar, alcohol, and nutmeg.

stumble (v): to trip and fall, or walk like a drunk person.

hoofprints (n): feet marks from an animal
a hoof : an animal foot

elf (n): Santa's helper,  plural form = elves

some types of birds: partridge, turtle dove, French hen, calling bird, goose (geese), swan

a-verb (v): a-laying = to lay an egg, a-swimming = to go swimming, etc.

maids (n): a maid is a girl, the maids in this song are milkmaids.

Lords (n): noble men

piper (n): a musician who plays a musical instrument similar to a flute.

watch out (v): be careful!

pout (v): to show sadness or anger by puffing one's lips outward like a child.

list (n): a list of bad children and good children. Only the good children get gifts from Santa Claus!

naughty (adj): bad, a naughty child gets no presents from Santa!

bustle: activity

glisten (v): to shine

frightful (adj): awful, terrible

giddy up: say this to a horse to make it go

comfy-cozy (adj): comfortable and cozy

snuggle (v): to sit very close together

Currier and Ives: two famous painters

rosy (adj): rose colored, pink

chorus (n): part of a song

bulldozing (v): to push very hard

Magi (n): A wise man

tidings: greetings or a message (tidings is a very old word, and it's only used in songs and poems.)

kin: family

'Twas: Short form of  "It was."

creature: a living thing

stirring: moving around

bushels of fun: lots of fun

prance (v): to move in a spirited way, like a dancer, or a horse.

swell : great!

clatter (n): a loud noise